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As I create games, animations, slide shows lesson plans and other tools, I will link to them here.

A silent animation created with Animatron.
Students of various levels can describe what they think is going on, here.
A Day at the Office
A story from YouTube, "Camping in English".
Used as a lesson on placeholder words created via EdPuzzle.
Lesson: What to Say When You Don't Know the Word
Transcript and Grammar Notes
An animated story from YouTube with lesson on phrasals created via EdPuzzle.
Can be used on two levels: A. basic understanding & usage; B. formal, non-phrasal vocabulary substitution.
Lesson: Job and Business Phrasal Verbs
Vocabulary and Transcript
A YouTube video about orchestral instruments as an ESL lesson created with EdPuzzle.
Lesson: Comparatives & Superlatives using Families of Instruments
Phonetics Dialogs, Chants and Exercises
Color Vowel Chart Rhymes
Silver Pin Poems
The SCHWA, Practice with Two and To
The Color Vowel Chart at the Dept. of State
Tongue Twisters from the Web
Verb Practices
From Infinitive to Adjective to Adverb
Slides: Simple Past of Popular Irregular Verbs
Simple Past Dialog: The Schedule
"Inter-Galactic Agricultural and Mechanical Corp" Dialogs
A Reporter Inverviews the CEO
The Marketing Department Holds A Meeting